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Lead Mechanic and Founder of AJ's Bike Service LLC

Growing up, my father was a master mechanic, pro racecar driver, and advanced engine builder. Something I learned early on from him was to always take pride in my work and to never shortcut anything. One of the most important aspects of running my business has always been taking the time needed to get the job done, and doing it right. Every bike that comes through my door I treat as my own.

Every bike will receive the attention that it needs to be safe to ride. Whether a customer comes in with an existing problem or just needs a tune-up, every bike that comes in gets a free top to bottom safety inspection and check-over to ensure that nothing is missed and anything needed is found and addressed appropriately. Clients have the confidence to know that no matter what their bike will ALWAYS be safe to ride when it leaves my door. If for any reason the bike does not meet my standard of safety, I make sure to communicate and provide recommendations on how to proceed and get the bike running safely and properly!

"When you come to AJ's Bike Service LLC, you are starting a mechanic/client relationship. My business number is my direct personal phone, you can text me anytime and even outside business hours with questions and concerns. Every bike gets its own dedicated attention and we work together to come up with the best solutions and plan to get you and your bike back on the road for years to come."

5 Tenets of AJ’s Bike Service, LLC






Bike Rider

Every bike I treat as my own. When I find minor things that need to be done, I just take care of them because it needs to happen for the safety and mechanical functionality of the bike and its rider.

Sometimes tune-ups take 1 hour, sometimes they take 4. No matter what, every bike gets the same treatment during service. When the bike is done, it is done and perfect.

Cycling and working on bikes are not only a hobby but a passion of mine. I am proud to serve Livermore’s community, and I take great pride in the work I get to do each and every day at my shop.

No matter how difficult or time-consuming a job is, I will get it done. If I do not have access to a part or am missing the solution for a specific problem, I will dip into the extensive knowledge base I have with other mechanics around the area and work together with you and other shops if need be to ensure your bike gets absolutely everything that it needs to be perfect. I will see it through that your bike gets the service it needs.

My shop is the only one of its kind in the Bay Area with one-on-one service. I am your mechanic and I am the ONLY mechanic that will be working on your bike from start to finish to provide the most consistent continuity of care. I give text updates, photos, and recommendations as I get through each job so communication is clear.

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Community Involvement & Philanthropy

Something that is very close to my heart is giving back to the local community, especially after all of the continued love and support I receive nonstop from Livermore and the Tri-Valley. Some local events I have participated in are the Cinderella Classic, Bikes and Brews, and The Big Bike Build. I take donation bikes (as well as some of my own bikes) and overhaul them, getting them up to my riding standard, then work with local charity organizations and families to donate them and provide bikes to those who may not have the opportunity otherwise to have them. Cycling can really impact people's lives in a positive way, whether it is by bringing joy and fun to a family outing or providing transportation to someone in need.


It means the world to me to have the opportunity and chance I have at operating my small bike shop here in Livermore, and it brings me great joy to be able to give back. I have already donated over 10 bikes, and I do everything I can to give back. Though I myself do not always have the means to donate money, what I can donate is my time, skills, and expertise!


Thank you for supporting the smallest local bike shop in the Bay Area! Your business goes directly to supporting my family and our local community. I can’t wait to work with you soon! 

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